Coming next week: THE GUY FROM T.E.M.P.

temp_logo There are projects you can't help loving, no matter how many pitfalls you hit along the way.

Some years back, in my Brooklyn days, an artist friend of mine had a hankering to draw a comic book. So he and I came up with a character and a plot for him to draw: A temp worker who keeps getting assigned to office jobs in genre fiction situations. Garrett

He sat on it for weeks, then moved to Sweden where he had bigger fish to fry. Swedish fish?

Stubborn bastard I am, I was too in love with the concept to let it go. With his permission, I set out to write the script and hire an artist to draw the blessed thing. James McCarron gave me amazing breakdowns for a first issue. Georgia's own twisted genius Matty Boy Anderson finished that first issue and drew an even better second one.


And that was it. No need to go into detail as to why it didn't continue. Let's just say that team efforts are hard things to keep together. But it resulted in two fun stories, plus a one-page gag strip drawn by the gracious, talented, now-indie-idol Tom Kaczynski. Uber-talented designer Christine Fernandez gave me an outstanding logo. And I'm awfully proud of the whole mess.

So I've formatted the whole thing and will be releasing them every Tuesday for the next two months. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did putting 'em together.

Come back Tuesday for the first chapter!

T.E.M.P. Front cover