Why, yes, I'm a writer. I also edit, direct, compose, and even design a little. It's led to advertising awards, hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, and who knows how many conversions driven by email, video, signage, yelling, etc.

Clients include global ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and brands both national and local. Not to mention projects like WANT Magazine, a UX publication where I led an editorial team and interviewed luminaries like Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman. Most recently, I headed up the copy department at Lumosity, where I managed our team and wrote & produced their newest TV campaign.

As a humorist, I've written & directed comedy shorts and led a comedy/rock band to the stage of CBGBs and the pages of national magazines. I've scripted two award-winning short films. Oh, and I once performed on THE NEW GONG SHOW. And won. 

I make my home in San Francisco, splitting time between copy & content assignments, brand voice consulting, scripts for SF sketch comedy stalwarts Killing My Lobster, and CSA pickups (why is there so much chard?). But I always have time for you. You know that. Now tell me about your day.