Diddy: "Alaska, Muthaf***er??!??!"

(UPDATE: Diddy apologizes for his statements here, but it's kind of boring and you have to watch him do that shoulder-wiggle move for a good ten seconds at the end. I wouldn't want to wish that on anyone.)

Warning: do not watch unless you enjoy watching Diddy mouth off like an idiot. Which you might.

In the latest edition of what appears to be Sean Combs' regular video blog, The Artist Formerly Known As Puffy expresses his bewilderment at McCain's choice of running mate. And very little else.


Or that you'd think a millionaire businessman would be a little more prepared script-wise. I get that he's expressing notions that the rest of us not attending the RNC feel: I too, wonder if there are any crackheads in Alaska. I'm betting yes.

I also appreciate his declaration that he will bring millions of "da youth" to the polls. I hope he does a better job this time than "Vote or Die" did.

Mostly, I hope that his merry-go-round setting, his faux-Dave-Chapelle delivery, his exasperated stammer and trademark aviator shades appeals to the people he wants to appeal to. And that they join up to ensure that two of the whitest people known to man do not get into the white house.

But why does hearing Diddy say the word "blog" over and over make me feel weird?

For extra credit, check out the site where I found this, and read the right-wing, borderline racist critiques of Diddy. Or y'know what? Don't.