Pocket Corporate Videographer

When you're the Idea Czar, no media escapes your grasp. I've long been a freelancer-of-many-trades for Ask.com, writing  email, UI copy, branding materials, even blog posts. And now, phonecam video. Impressed?

Last month, I covered Ask's latest hackathon in a series of posts, and instead of collecting audio for interviews reference, I collected video. Thanks, iPhone! And because most of the key folk knew me, they felt comfortable enough to answer questions and even mug a little or the camera (see above screen cap).

I ended up with some great (if amateur) footage that I edited together for them to enjoy internally. Their marketing team liked it so much, they had me put together a press cut to show off. Good work begets more work!

Check it out if you're of a mind. I think it does a nice job of showing how much fun they had putting their hacks together. Imagine what I could've done with a full crew (hint, hint)!