Bangkok Day 4: Bangkok, USA

So I'm finally recovered from a full day of upset tummy...only one day, thank god. Nice to know that my life doesn't turn into an epi of ER every time I get sick. Great day today, all told. Started gingerly, with a breakfast of steamed rice and fresh coconut milk. The former because it's easy on the tummy, the latter because it's easy on the tummy, it's a good rehydrater, and cmon, if you were in thailand, wouldn't you drink a freshly opened coconut every day? I know I plan to.

Then it was off to the malls. Not particularly cultural, no. I accompanied Natacha on a shopping venture to the middle of the city, Siam Square. She's been dreaming of buying a handheld video camera ever since she passed one up on the B & H website before we left, and we got a few reccos on where to go, so we did.

A gorgeous boat ride and a clean, cool skytrain ride later, we were in the IT Center, a 6-story mall filled with nothing but tech. mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and all the pirated software you could shake your discs at. Quite a scene.

Of course, we had to go up to the top floor to find Natch's bounty...a sanyo handheld WATERPROOF video cam. Can you imagine anything better for travel? We'll certainly find out, as we walked out with it, plus a couple of cheap SD cards.

Then it was off to the mall I wanted to go to, the infamous MBK, where supposedly all the teenagers go. I was hoping to find some cutting edge J-pop (or even T-pop) trinkets. And while the place was pretty interesting, all the stuff there was...well, there were t+shirts, toys, all sorts of fantastic food...pretty much the stuff I would have dug as a teenager...but currently find old and boring. Oh cruel irony.

So we spent the day in AC malls, which was fabulous for my tummy recovery, and in the evening, we saw the IRON MAN movie. which was great fun. As I wrote my dad, "you'd love it...its about a munitions dealer who sees the error of his ways, and along the way he gets to kick some terrorist ass." AND there's superheroes!

So. Shopping and eating. Chalk this day up to further recovery from India...just another day in a major metropolitan city. Except for the coconut thing.