National Debt Fun Quiz Time!

A series of four quick, fun quizzes to take your mind of our country's crippling financial debt! Answers are uʍop ǝpısdn to prevent cheating!


Sure, we’re deeply in debt and risk a nation-wide financial default. But we’re interesting! Distract yourself from our national dilemma by answering these questions:

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Severely broken financial system troubling your pretty little head? Take your mind off our current crisis for a split-second with these adorable bits of stock-focused trivia.

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Who says debt and bankruptcy can’t put a smile on your face? Check out this fascinating trivia quiz about money and not having any!

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Crippling financial debt got you down? WAY down? Why not distract yourself with this creepily foreshadowing quiz about suicide?

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"Coffee Wars" boils over!

[youtube=] I've spent a sizable chunk of my spare time this past year writing and teaching for Killing My Lobster, the Second City of San Francisco. And while I feel like I spent the first few months making my bones, earning the respect of my talented co-writers and our equally gifted actors and directors, I like to think I've gone on to acquit myself over this year's shows.

The latest, and possibly most satisfying, example of this is the film I wrote and produced for Killing My Lobster Holds the Mayo, their final show of the year. The film is called The Coffee Wars and it's a Ken Burns parody, showcasing the rivalry between two of the best-known (and my favorite) artisan coffee brands in town.

It's blown up beyond all (well, my) expectations thus far, garnering over 8,00014,000 hits in less than three days, and crazy amounts of Twitter chatter. It's even attracted a hater or two, which is always a sure sign of online heat.

Kudos to director Rand Courtney, actors Fred Wickham and Sarah Mitchell, and the rest of the superb cast, crew, and musicians who made this film such a joy to make and, I hope, to watch. With apologies to Joan Baez.

Diddy: "Alaska, Muthaf***er??!??!"

(UPDATE: Diddy apologizes for his statements here, but it's kind of boring and you have to watch him do that shoulder-wiggle move for a good ten seconds at the end. I wouldn't want to wish that on anyone.)

Warning: do not watch unless you enjoy watching Diddy mouth off like an idiot. Which you might.

In the latest edition of what appears to be Sean Combs' regular video blog, The Artist Formerly Known As Puffy expresses his bewilderment at McCain's choice of running mate. And very little else.


Or that you'd think a millionaire businessman would be a little more prepared script-wise. I get that he's expressing notions that the rest of us not attending the RNC feel: I too, wonder if there are any crackheads in Alaska. I'm betting yes.

I also appreciate his declaration that he will bring millions of "da youth" to the polls. I hope he does a better job this time than "Vote or Die" did.

Mostly, I hope that his merry-go-round setting, his faux-Dave-Chapelle delivery, his exasperated stammer and trademark aviator shades appeals to the people he wants to appeal to. And that they join up to ensure that two of the whitest people known to man do not get into the white house.

But why does hearing Diddy say the word "blog" over and over make me feel weird?

For extra credit, check out the site where I found this, and read the right-wing, borderline racist critiques of Diddy. Or y'know what? Don't.