Introducing Want Magazine

Want Magazine home page W is for "whew!"

The project I've been working on diligently for the last six months, Want Magazine, is up and looks amazing. Kudos to my Editor In Chief, David "Dahveed" Gomez-Rosado and our incredible staff. I wrote and/or edited some articles of which I couldn't be prouder.

Want Magazine iconWantMag is chock full of learnings and observations about the field of User Experience, as well as product design, architecture and marketing. But not boring. Really.

One of my particular favorite things about the mag is our video interviews, conducted with some of the leading lights in the field. Here's my interview with the man who coined the term "User Experience," Don Norman.

And here's one with the founder of UX agency Adaptive Path, Peter Merholz.

Plenty more to be found at Have at it! And tell 'em Ken sent you.