Let's get it started

...To quote the legend MC Hammer, whom I saw perform at the LA Forum years ago and who put on a FANTASTIC show, thank you. I'd gotten free tickets, one of the perks of my summer internship at a major US record company. Hammer made good use of the big stage, with A ten-piece band and something like 30 singers, dancers, BACKUP dancers...with Hammer orchestrating the whole thing. It was James Brown on crack, before James Brown discovered crack. The experience was like finding salvation at the Church of Parachute Pants.

Anyway, my wife and I are in the process of planning our trip to India & Southeast Asia. LOTS to do, but the main stuff, like plane tix, innocs, and visas, is taken care of.

I'm always worried about if we're going to do it RIGHT, you know? Like, what if we plan our itinerary "wrong," or book a train ticket "wrong?" We only have so much time abroad and I want to make the most of it.

Okay, I'm only going to allow myself one paragraph of whingeing per post. Bottom line is I'm CRAZY excited to be going away and going on adventures. Yay travel!

I'm looking forward to populating this blog with trav journal entries & photos uploaded to flickr. But in leiu of that, for now, here's a video I made for PINK STEEL. It's for their song, "Converter."